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Our home, our ecology, our collective future.

Photo-of-children-WEBBeyond economic impacts something far greater is at stake at this time. It is nature of our very soul, our humanity. Have we become so bereft of the most basic human instinct, that to protect and nurture the life of future generations … our own children – that we have become the very thing that undermines our collective well being. A kind of madness where we can not help ourselves from cannabalizing our children’s future. Have we been as some have whispered of , overcome a dark force,  by the spirit of the wendigo because it does seem a kind of psychosis  for an organism to do this; to harm and even destroy the future of its own young. We seem to  have become victims of our own dizzying success.

Our capacity to feed and nourish the great numbers of us – has not been met yet by a new way of thinking and being where we are not locked in combat with the living world that sustains us and the future, rather we are nurturing who we truly are and that which sustains us – the great miracle of creation.

Our planet is dynamic and there have been periods of mass extinctions before humans arrived, some quite devastating. It now  our responsibility to understand and develop sustaining relationships with the planet  as there is no mistaking the incredible impact that our human family has and is having on this planet. For we are now the most significant factor in the present extinction, this is the age of humans and we are born of the cycles of nature.  Yes forests burn and we can be part of the forest system as first nations people were. We can cut trees down, burn small areas, burn large areas, we can be intelligent fire or as violently destructive as a meteor. Our collective annual  26.8 billion tonnes of co2 into the atmosphere alters previous climate stable states, and introduces an element of chaos that will eventually re establish into a new steady state. Forests may become grasslands …  or a desert. Human beings are now determining what the next epoch on this planet will look like. Welcome to the anthropocene, an era where human beings have become the dominant factor in determining what that age will be. Our collective efforts our now so vast, they rival an ice age – or the impact of an astroid. 

Clearly the economic model which has brought us here can no longer be applied with such force to our collective future and the well-being of this planet, is our home. Change is come.
Daeran Gall