“A stable economy is a strong economy, what we have now is a slash and burn economy” – Daeran Gall

Majority governments in resource wealthy regions are prone to influence from the sectors that fund their campaigns. In Saskatchewan we are one of the top five regions in the world for GDP per capita, just behind Norway (81,748 US$) and well ahead of Germany (41,955 US$).
 The total wealth from all sectors (our GDP) in 2014 was $83,000 million, in a province with 1.13 million people that is $73,500 ( 58,589.27 US$) per citizen.

So where is all the money going? The SaskParty has left in place royalties and incentives that date back to the early 1990’s that have bled the province of its own commanding wealth. The NDP may have meant well, and it was these policies that the SaskParty has used to promote a ‘Businenss Friendly’ province. What is needed are voices that do not just  vote along party line, but rather for sound fiscal policies that enhance and promote the well being of the citizens that reside here. Time to mix it up.

The Green party is a non corporate party it is funded by the donations of citizens of Saskatchewan. Instead of funnelling public funds totalling billions into Coal or the already very profitable Oil and Potash industries, we could fund new industries like wind and solar which can work very well in Saskatchewan actually.

Denmark generated 13.1 TWh in wind power in 2014, 39 percent of its total consumption.

With our vast resource wealth we  could fund Universities and reduce tution, we could fund innovation that would put the Province of Saskatchewan in front of new technologies that serve the people of the province better. Norway has shown that by following the economic model put in place by Peter Lougheed in Alberta in 1976,  a country can have wealth and stability during the ups and downs of resource cycles.  Norway now has one of the largest sovereign wealth funds in the world valued at nearly one trillion dollars.  

A stable economy is a strong economy, what we have now is a slash and burn economy. There is no future plan for resource price instability or management of those resources that include future generations as well. There is a growing sense that something is wrong, the cost of housing rises, roads crumble, schools are underfunded. Meanwhile billions of dollars of public money are transferred to private investment. $1.4 Billion for a ‘carbon capture’ scheme that has little to do with making for a greener coal industry, rather it is to capture public money to expand oil production. The public is paying for infrastructure that the oil industry will need to expand. This is a poor fiscal policy that the people of  Saskatchewan will be paying for decades. Billboards do not a strong economy make, we need to bargain with strength for the value on the resources that we collectively own.

Over the last ten years the province has forgone revenues of 12 to 15 billion in the form cost subsidies for to Potash industry, that is 1.2 to 1.4 billion every year. In 2014 our GDP was greater than $83 Billion. Time to rethink green.

Consider supporting the Green Party, the party that represents the voter and not a corporate sponsor.
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